How can bioluminescence be used in medicine?

Skylar Nicolas asked a question: How can bioluminescence be used in medicine?
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Julia Fiegler-Rudol (Year 9) writes on the complex topic of the medical application of bioluminescence, in response to the recent Write a Science Blog competition advertised in The GSAL Journal. This excellent essay demonstrates Julia’s passion and curiosity in a field that is pushing the boundaries of 21st century medicine. CPD

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7 Ways Bioluminescence Has Revolutionized Medical Research. BY Jordan Rosenfeld. June 1, 2016. iStock. Bioluminescence is nature’s chemical flashlight—lighting the dark inner reaches of remote ...

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7 Ways Bioluminescence Has Revolutionized Medical Research 1. MANUFACTURING GFP IN A VARIETY OF ORGANISMS. In 1994, neurobiologist Martin Chalfie inserted the gene into the cells... 2. BIOENGINEERING MONKEYS FOR NEUROLOGY. Japanese scientists have been inserting bioluminescent genes into mammals ...

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There is hardly any doubt that bioluminescence derived from jellyfish or a firefly has come a long way into medical science since it was introduced into the bacterial cell back in 1994. From an extraordinary aquarium exhibit and a unique feature of the sea’s life, the jellyfish is conquering the medical world and changing the lives of the many.

7 Ways Bioluminescence Has Revolutionized Medical Research 1. MANUFACTURING GFP IN A VARIETY OF ORGANISMS. In 1994, neurobiologist Martin Chalfie inserted the gene into the cells... 2. BIOENGINEERING MONKEYS FOR NEUROLOGY. Japanese scientists have been inserting bioluminescent genes into mammals ...

Because of these unique properties, bioluminescence can be used as ultrasensitive and selective bioanalytical tools . Indeed, ultrasensitive binding assays and cell-based assays can be made through bioluminescent proteins [ 26 ].

Bioluminescence is the light produced by a living organism and is commonly emitted by sea life with Ca 2+-regulated photoproteins being the most responsible for bioluminescence emission. Marine coelenterates provide important functions involved in essential purposes such as defense, feeding, and breeding.

Today, bioluminescence from Aliivibrio fischeri is used to monitor water toxicity. When exposed to pollutants, light output from the bacterial culture decreases, signalling the possible presence of...

Now that bioluminescence can put that light inside cancer cells, a powerful photosensitizer only activated by blue light could be used to create a new cancer-destroying tool, and Theodossiou and...

Although a luciferase reporter is currently used for bioluminescence imaging, including at the single-cell level, it can be difficult to perform subcellular or organelle imaging because of inadequate signal intensity in viable cells, and because a greater luminescence intensity is required for subcellular imaging with a higher-magnification lens.This figure shows the subcellular localization of ELuc with high resolution in mammalian cells in cytosol, peroxisome, and nucleus (Nakajima et al ...

The innovation adds to a growing number of applications for bioluminescence and other features of the unique genetics of marine life from the deep sea. The drug-discovery company Sirenas is scouring the natural environment, starting with the ocean, using what it calls “deep data mining approaches to uncover the relationships between small molecule metabolites” in a search for hidden therapeutic potential.

One of the most transformational biomedical innovations of the 20th century was the use of bioluminescence in medical techniques that allowed scientists to trace, map, and track the body’s processes in a completely new way. However, there are some limitations to the use of bioluminescence in medicine.

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