Will statin drug make my right leg hurt?

Ocie Corkery asked a question: Will statin drug make my right leg hurt?
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Statins are one of the most popular classes of prescription drugs. These potentially life-saving medications have some important medical uses, but the downside is that they could also cause muscle pain or muscle cramps—also known as statin-induced muscle pain.


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⚕ Can statin drug make your chest hurt?

Dark or bloody urine or pain in your upper abdomen or chest can be signs of serious kidney and liver disorders. If you have any of these symptoms while taking a statin, call your doctor right away.

⚕ Can statin drug make your chest hurt without?

Muscle Pain from Statins. If one ever experiences chest pain as a side effect from a statin, this drug would be affecting the muscles in the chest, rather than the heart itself. Thus, any chest pain from a statin (which would be very rare) is not angina.

⚕ Can statin drug make your chest hurt on left side?

Highly Unlikely: Statins, while off-target, usually reduce low density lipoprotein concentrations, the primary driver of atherosclerosis, thus act to slow progression...

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Do all statins cause leg pain? All statins can result in muscle pain. But, not all statins are the same. So, if one statin caused pain you may do well with another one. Also, reducing the dose of the statin can be effective. Unfortunately, some people find that they cannot tolerate any statins.

Statin use has also been associated with difficulties with memory and reasoning, although there is no clear evidence that the drugs were responsible. In very rare cases, statins may cause liver problems or a potentially life-threatening breakdown in muscle cells. However, the most common side effect is muscle pain and cramping.

You should know upfront that not everyone who takes a statin will have muscle pain, and muscle pain from statins might show up differently for different people. For example, you could feel muscle weakness, soreness, aches, stiffness, or cramps. The severity of these side effects can range from mildly irritating to almost unbearable.

Very rarely, statins can cause life-threatening muscle damage called rhabdomyolysis (rab-doe-my-OL-ih-sis). Rhabdomyolysis can cause severe muscle pain, liver damage, kidney failure and death. The risk of very serious side effects is extremely low, and calculated in a few cases per million people taking statins.

Some increase the likelihood of muscle pain or rhabdomyolysis when taken with a statin. Those include other cholesterol-lowering drugs such as gemfibrozil and niacin; drugs to lower blood pressure ...

As you correctly imply, statins are indeed associated with muscle pain and inflammation. However, they are not known to be associated with worsening joint pain. The pain from osteoarthritis comes and goes unpredictably.

You tell me you are taking a type of statin called simvastatin. As many are aware, statins can cause unpleasant muscle sensations, such as stiffness and tenderness, for reasons still unknown....

In general, muscle symptoms directly due to a statin drug cause diffuse muscle aches. So, if your pain is localized to only one area of your body, then it’s probably related to something else. Most often when statins are responsible for the muscle pain, one of three things happen. You develop: –muscle pain all over without weakness

muscle pain; sleep problems; low blood platelet count; Uncommon side effects. Uncommon side effects of statins include: being sick; memory problems; hair loss; pins and needles; inflammation of the liver , which can cause flu-like symptoms; inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), which can cause stomach pain

The most common side effect is muscle pain and weakness, a condition called rhabdomyolysis, most likely due to the depletion of Co-Q 10, a nutrient that supports muscle function. Dr. Beatrice Golomb of San Diego, California is currently conducting a series of studies on statin side effects.

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about other statin-induced AE (Medline, Cochrane). Silva et al. described that in 1000 patients following statin treatment, 37% did not exhibit any detectable cardiovas-cular pathology, but 5% had somatic AE (3). Rhabdomyolisis is the most severe AE of statin treatment, but also the less frequent. An increase in creatine phospho-

Can taking a statin drug make you constipated?

The side effects of statins include diarrhoea and constipation, although no pathophysiological explanation is provided by the manufacturer.

What's a statin drug?

Statins (also called HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors) block an enzyme called HMG-CoA reductase (3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase) that is involved in the synthesis of mevalonate, a naturally occurring substance that is then used by the body to make sterols, including cholesterol.

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MONDAY, June 3 (HealthDay News) -- People taking statin drugs to lower their cholesterol may slightly increase their risk for muscle and joint diseases as well as strains and sprains, a new study...

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Statins: side effects & alternative ways to lower cholesterol by dr.berg What statin drug will not cause sores in mouth pictures?

Mouth sores are lesions that can appear on any of the soft tissues of the mouth, including the lips, cheeks, gums, tongue, and floor and roof of the mouth. Mouth …

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No, coreg (carvedilol) is a betablocant drug. It has no effect on cholesterol. Statins are Lipitor (atorvastatin), Crestor (rosuvastatin), Pravachol (pravastatin), Zocor (simvastatin), etc.

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Restless leg syndrome evidence based treatment Are statin anti cholesterol drug?

Statins are effective at lowering cholesterol and protecting against a heart attack and stroke, although they may lead to side effects for some people. Doctors often prescribe statins for people with high cholesterol to lower their total cholesterol and reduce their risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Is amlodipine a statin drug?

In fact, amlodipine comes with a statin in the combination medication, amlodipine/atorvastatin (Caduet). Amlodipine/atorvastatin is available as a generic, and taken once daily, it reduces blood pressure and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels. This works just as well as taking the two medicines separately.

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Atorvastatin belongs to a group of medicines called statins. It's used to lower cholesterol if you've been diagnosed with high blood cholesterol.

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Bad medicine ~ lisinopril Is colestid a statin drug?

What is Colestid? Colestid is a cholesterol-lowering drug. Colestid lowers "bad" cholesterol in the blood, which is also called LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Lowering your LDL cholesterol may reduce your risk of hardened arteries, which can lead to heart attacks, stroke, and circulation problems.

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Cozaar (losartan) belongs to a group of drugs called angiotensin II receptor antagonists (sometimes called ARB blockers). It keeps blood vessels from narrowing, which lowers blood pressure and improves blood flow. Cozaar is used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension) in adults and children who are at least 6 years old.

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Dilantin (phenytoin) is an anti-epileptic drug used to control seizures. It is not a statin drug.

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Ezetimibe: Safety and Efficacy

Ezetimibe is a non-statin lipid-lowering medication that inhibits absorption of dietary cholesterol by blocking the Niemann-Pick C1-Like 1 protein (NPC1L1). Is fenofibrate a statin drug?

PPAR-alpha activates the enzyme lipoprotein lipase and ultimately results in decreased formation of very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) cholesterol (which is converted into LDL cholesterol) and triglycerides and an increase in HDL cholesterol." Fenofibrate is often used along with other cholesterol drugs, such as statins. Click on the link:

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Lipitor (atorvastatin) belongs to a group of drugs called HMG CoA reductase inhibitors, or "statins." Lipitor is used together with diet to lower blood levels of "bad" cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein, or LDL), to increase levels of "good" cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein, or HDL), and to lower triglycerides (a type of fat in the blood).

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  • Norvasc (amlodipine) is a calcium channel blocker that dilates (widens) blood vessels and improves blood flow. Norvasc is used to treat chest pain (angina) and other conditions caused by coronary artery disease. Norvasc is also used to treat high blood pressure ( hypertension High blood pressure (hypertension) High pressure in the arteries (vessels that carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body). ).
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What is nystatin? Nystatin is an antifungal medication that fights infections caused by fungus. Nystatin when taken by mouth is used to treat yeast infections in the mouth or stomach.

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Pravastatin (Pravachol) is a statin medicine used to lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Includes pravastatin side effects, interactions and indications

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