Will taking sibutramine make you test positive on a drug test?

Emilio Boehm asked a question: Will taking sibutramine make you test positive on a drug test?
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⚕ Does sibutramine show up on a drug test?

  • Sibutramine normally does not show up on common urine drug screens. However, if there was a test that specifically requested a search for Sibutramine, there would be traces found in the urine for at least a week (7 days). It isn't likely that a company would request such a search.

⚕ Will bath salts make you test positive on a drug test?

O yea it does! So all the stupid people who think it won't try it and see

⚕ Will ambiem test positive on a drug test?

ive taken it for three years a nd my companys drug program has never detected it in my system.

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Sibutramine is not detectable in urine unless you take very high doses. Therefore, it will not be detectable on a urine drug test.

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Will taking melatonin result in a false positive drug test for opiates?

Definitely not. Melatonin does not contain a narcotic. It is strictly used to boost your melatonin levels to help produce sleep.

Will taking zantac show up positive for meth on a drug test?

No. It is very unlikely for one drug to cause a false positive on a drug screen for any other substance. Drug screens test for metabolites of specific drugs. All drug tests have a rating based on specificity and sensitivity. The higher the sensitivity, the lower the specificity. Basically it is only possible to have a false positive by using another drug that is very chemically similar to the positive test. These drugs are not chemically similar.

What drug will methadone test positive for?

Methadone will only show up as methadone because it requires its own specific test.

Will antibiotics affect my drug test positive?

Antibiotics shouldnt but immunoassay tests are notorious for producing false positives, this is why they should be confirmed with GC-MS test, but this is very expensive. You might want to find out if they did a GC-MS test for confirmation.

Will antibiotics cause false positive drug test?

Consuming antibiotics like quinolones can lead to false positive results when doing screenings for opiates.

Will menthol test positive for drug testing?

No, it won't.

Will methadone test positive on drug screen?

Yes, but it must be a test specifically for methadone because methadone requires its own specific test.

Will neurontin cause a positive drug test?

will neurontin make a drug test positive

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What will make a urine drug test positive for mtd?

Methadone. Usually perscribed for an opiate maintenance plan.

Will taking viagra fail drug test?

No, Viagra is not a illegal to use. However, care when taking it should be observed just as with all medicine - always seek qualified medical advice before taking any medicines

Will taking cialis make you fail a drug test?

can taking cialis cause someone to fail a drug test for thc

Will taking nexium make you fail a drug test?

Nexium isn't on any of the cross-reactivity lists. It's not a drug of abuse either. I mean, it's POSSIBLE you'd test for it. I've heard of companies testing people for prescription drugs, in case they might take some they weren't prescribed. If you do that you're looking for drugs of abuse--not heartburn drugs. So I think you're safe.

Will taking prednisone make you fail a drug test?

dont no

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Can antibiotics make a drug test positive?

I was off of the antibiotics for 2 wks when I had my ANA tested (came out positive) then when re-tested a month later ANA was negative. I asked my rheuamy if antibiotic can cause a false positive and she said no, but I read an article where it states that penicillan can affect your ANA results? Cefuroxime is in the class of penicillans.

Will 5mg of benzodiazepine test positive on a drug test?

benzodiazepine is not a drug, but a large family of related drugs. and yes, taking any of them will show up on a drug test

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