Worried about someone else's alcohol or drug use?

Keshaun Wunsch asked a question: Worried about someone else's alcohol or drug use?
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❓ Are you worried about someone else’s drug problem?

Caring for a partner, family member or friend who has a drug and/or alcohol abuse problem can leave you feeling isolated and alone. It may be hard to talk to others about your situation, particularly if they haven’t had the same experience as you. It’s difficult to accept, but often we make someone else’s problem our own.

❓ Worried about someone else's mental health?

You can try to contact the GP or local mental health services. It is important to look after your own mental health. We have used the word ‘relative’ in this page, to refer to the person who is unwell. But we understand they may be a friend, relative or someone else.

❓ Why does autism make me worried about someone?

Autism & feeling scared, worried or angry. Fears and anxieties are common among people on the spectrum. The people we spoke with discussed a range of fears including fire, answering the phone, terrorist attacks, germs, going out and of not doing something that would have serious consequences. These fears could dominate people’s lives at times.

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Help and support for anyone who's concerned about someone else’s drinking or drug use, including online advice, webchat and local support groups for friends and family.

A community brochure that answers common questions about what to expect and what you can do if you’re worried about someone else’s drug use.The brochure has been created in partnership with the Drug Education Network and is ideal for community locations such schools, colleges, health centres, Lions events and many more applications.Drug

Adfam is the national charity working to improve life for families affected by drugs and alcohol. The website has lots of information for those affected by someone else’s drinking or drug use, as well as details of local support groups. Worried about your child? If you are a parent and you are concerned your child may be taking drugs, there ...

Caring for a partner, family member or friend who has a drug and/or alcohol abuse problem can leave you feeling isolated and alone. It may be hard to talk to others about your situation, particularly if they haven’t had the same experience as you. It’s difficult to accept, but often we make someone else’s problem our own.

Talk to someone. If someone you care about is drinking too much and it’s having an impact on your relationship there is support available for you too. Drinkchat is our free online chat service. Our trained advisors are on hand between 10am-2pm, Monday to Friday, to provide confidential advice. Chat with an advisor.

It can be very difficult to try to support someone whose problems are associated with their use of recreational drugs or alcohol. You may find it helpful to discuss your feelings and concerns with someone else, such as a counsellor, or to join a support group, such as those provided by your local Adfam or Families Anonymous.

We offer support should you be worried about someone else’s drug or alcohol use. Our needle exchange service provides you with clean injecting equipment, advice on preventing overdoses, naloxone and steroid sterile equipment. This service is completely confidential and you don’t need to be ready to stop or reduce to use this service.

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