Would a drug test be positive for opiates if you took xanex?

Augustus Bernier asked a question: Would a drug test be positive for opiates if you took xanex?
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❓ Drug test false positive for opiates?


❓ Can the drug trimadol test positive for opiates?

no because it is a non opiate pain reliever. its what many doctors prescribe to people with pain but opiate(pain killer) addictions

❓ Will tramadol test positive for opiates in a drug test?


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no it will show up as a benzo

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Can you test positive for oxy and negative for opiates on a drug test?

I would also love to hear the answer to this. I tested negative for opiates and the parole officer said I came out positive for oxy, doesn't make sense to me, I thought it was an opiate

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Will an antihistamine test positive for opiates in a urine drug screen?

None, there are no antihistamine-type opiates.

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Will nyquil test a false positive on a drug screen for opiates?

Yes - NyQuil will give you a false positive on your drug test for Opiats everytime. If you have taken NyQuil prior to a drug test you should expect to fail even if you have not taken any opiats. If possible you need to try and wait 2-3 days before taking it.

  • Dr. Mark Currier

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Will taking melatonin result in a false positive drug test for opiates?

Definitely not. Melatonin does not contain a narcotic. It is strictly used to boost your melatonin levels to help produce sleep.

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What drug would cause false positive on stress test?


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Would adderall make a drug test positive for meth?

Yes, you will come up positive for amphetamines in drug a test looking for illegal drugs. The screening company will call you and notify you, if you have a script for it you are good to go.

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If you took benadryl would you fail a drug test?

No you wont fail your drug test if you take benadryl most drug test, test for alcohol, marijuana, PCP, and other strong drugs they cant tell that your taking it unless they take blood and scan your levels and then they can see a high or low level Diphenhydramine (thats the smart word for benadryl)

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What would cause opiates to show positive in a drug screen besides drugs?

Nothing, if you get a positive show, you have opiates in you.

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What does xanex show up as in a drug test?

alprazolam.....and it is a benzodiazepine (like diazepam which is valium). The benzodiazepines have metabolites, which are the chemicals resulting when the original chemical...the alprazolam....breaks down as it is metabolized and exerts it's effect on the body. The alprazolam will show up in the urine for a couple of days, but the metabolites stay in system even longer, meaning if you take one xanax...one alprazolam...it can be detected in the urine up to 8 days later

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What would cause a false negative for opiates in a drug test?

A false negative! Usually people claim the results are a false positive. I suppose the drug could have been metabolized enough not to show up on a screen. It is possible the test was done incorrectly or the test kit itself was faulty (old or somehow damaged).

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If tested positive for meth what kind of drug would test positive for meth?


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Does hydrocodone make a drug screen test positive for both opiates and synthetic opioids?

I am not sure but one thing I have HEARD that was interesting was that sesame seeds can make someone show positive for opiates. However I am not positive about this but it is interesting.

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Will taking melatonin give a false positive reading for opiates in a drug test?

No, Melatonin does not contain a narcotic. It has the ingredient Melatonin, which is a natural chemical in your brain that produces sleep.

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Gabapentin drug test false positive?

  • No, gabapentin should not give a false positive result. It is worth mentioning that if you are taking Neurontin on your doctors advice it will not matter if it shows up on a drug test as you are taking it legitimately.

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Can acetaminophen test positive hair drug test?

Acetaminophen is one of the few nonprescription pain relievers that WON'T show up on a drug test--that and aspirin.

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Does adipex test positive in drug test?

it can show up as amphetamine

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What drug would cause a positive amphetamine in a urine test?


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What would cause a drug test to show positive for amphenedime?

A few things may have caused this. The first being prescription drugs used to treat ADD or ADHD like Adderall or ritalin. The second thing that may have cause a false positive could be any kind of OTC or prescription drug containing epinephrine or sudephederine. Theres a few other drugs that can cause false positives but I cant remember.

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What would make a drug test for cocaine show false positive?

i tested positive for cocaine and never touched the stuff

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What would make a drug test show positive results for marijuana?

Drink a lot of water and pee it all out and you should be good for the test

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Would a sip of wine yield a positive urine drug test?

No. Alcohol isn't going to cause a positive drug test.

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