Would astronauts face health problems if they stayed in space too long?

Danielle Durgan asked a question: Would astronauts face health problems if they stayed in space too long?
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A 2014 study on 12 astronauts found that the heart becomes 9.4 percent more spherical after long exposure to microgravity, or weightlessness, in space. This could cause heart problems, especially on a deep space flight to Mars. “The heart doesn’t work as hard in space, which can cause a loss of muscle mass,” said Dr. James Thomas of NASA.

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Yes. Possibly weakened vision.

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Health risks for astronauts from radiation exposure in space are mainly driven by long-term impacts. Additionally, animal and cellular research indicate that the type of radiation in the space environment has a larger impact on health outcomes compared to the radiation experienced on Earth.

But astronauts have not yet remained in space for very long. And even those who have stayed up for months on the ISS are still protected by the magnetosphere. Mars is far outside that protective bubble. Data collected by the Curiosity rover, which roams the Red Planet, finds that surface space radiation levels there are high. This suggests astronauts who go to Mars will face a high risk of cancer.

A 2014 study on 12 astronauts found that the heart becomes 9.4 percent more spherical after long exposure to microgravity, or weightlessness, in space. This could cause heart problems, especially on a deep space flight to Mars. “The heart doesn’t work as hard in space, which can cause a loss of muscle mass,” said Dr. James Thomas of NASA.

"If this situation persisted for longer deep space missions, it could possibly increase risk of infection, hypersensitivity, or autoimmune issues for exploration astronauts." In pictures: Tim ...

Astronauts are generally resilient when it comes to stress, but there’s no question that spending more than a year in space will be psychologically difficult. Long-term isolation, monotony, limited mobility and living in close quarters with other astronauts could lead to depression, interpersonal conflicts, anxiety, insomnia and even psychosis.

A long trip to space involves facing several dangerous elements. Astronauts can be felled by radiation, develop health problems owing to a lack of consistent sleep, or become psychologically ...

A human journey to Mars, at first glance, offers an inexhaustible amount of complexities. To bring a mission to the Red Planet from fiction to fact, NASA’s Human Research Program has organized hazards astronauts will encounter on a continual basis into five classifications. Pooling the challenges into categories allows for an organized effort to overcome the obstacles that lay before such a ...

SANS describes the potentially significant and long-lasting vision problems that spaceflight can induce in astronauts, likely because of fluid shifts that increase pressure inside the skull.

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This non-bulky drug delivery device is ingested by the astronauts in the same manner as an oral drug, it then resides in their stomach for a specific period and gradually releases the drug it manufactures into their body.

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