Would magic johnson or larry bird be better in the modern nba?

Beatrice Labadie asked a question: Would magic johnson or larry bird be better in the modern nba?
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❓ Better nba career: larry bird or magic johnson?

Here are three reasons why Magic was the better player and three why Bird was: Team Magic . Magic`s style of play is incomparable. There are few basketball players who are as memorable as Magic Johnson. Magic was a one-of-a-kind basketball genius: a 6-foot 9-inch Point Guard (PG), with amazing offensive capabilities.

❓ Who was better larry bird or magic johnson?

magic Johnson magic Johnson

❓ Who was better: magic johnson or larry bird?

Michael Jordan has the edge in defense, athleticism, and scoring points. Larry Bird is the better rebounder, passer, and shooter from all over the court. Many point to the fact that Jordan was a 10-time scoring champion (the most all-time) as proof of his unparalleled greatness as a scorer. Who got Rookie of the Year Magic or Bird?

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The only real hole in Bird’s game was durability towards the end of his career, as he played in just 115 games the last two seasons. Reasons why Larry Bird would be a better player today. Although Magic was one of the game’s best passers, his inability to shoot from the outside would be a problem in today’s game.

RELATED: Would Magic Johnson or Larry Bird Be Better in the Modern NBA? Larry Bird and Magic Johnson both joined the NBA during the 1979-80 season. Bird averaged 21.3 points, made his first of 12 All-Star appearances, and won Rookie of the Year. The Celtics lost in the conference finals.

Larry Bird was a legendary trash-talker and an even better player. Magic Johnson's work with the ball in his hands made fans believe anything was possible on the offensive end of the court.

Nobody in their right mind wonders if Magic Johnson, Dr. J or Larry Bird could compete in today’s NBA. Certain players would succeed in any era. But could the average NBA player from the 1980s ...

Magic Johnson tells his story in My Life, written with William Novak. Larry Bird does the same in Drive: The Story of My Life, with Bob Ryan.

This was also the first year that Bird and his Celtics would face Magic Johnson and the Lakers in the NBA Finals. This began a rivalry that defined the NBA in the ‘80s. Some claim the Celtics ...

Bird said Johnson was the better player because he beat him in NBA championships, 5-3. Johnson countered that Bird was the better player because he had a more balanced game. They had built enough ...

Mayweather reportedly earned $65 million, more than Magic Johnson and Larry Bird made in the NBA…combined At 50 bucks a pop, one million pay-per-view buys equals $50 million (I love easy math). Mayweather is reportedly receiving 50% of the PPV revenue, which means he pockets another $25 million.

Nobody before or since has passed like Magic. Yes, even Larry. He’s second. And if you don’t believe Bird would be a great player today, get back to me after you watch one of his games.

Larry Bird would be an MVP even today. In an interview with Seattle SuperSonics legend Shawn Kemp, he was asked what kind of player Larry would be in 2020. “MVP,” he immediately stated. “It’s unfortunate that people really don’t know Larry Bird today. When he first came into the game of basketball, he was actually a slasher.

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