Would you need a specific degree or cirtification for a nurse?

Mckayla Stracke asked a question: Would you need a specific degree or cirtification for a nurse?
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❓ Do you need a specific degree to assist a dentist?

Yes, to become a dental assistant you need to enter a training program at a community college or medical vocational school. You can obtain your certificate in 10-13 months.

❓ What degree do you need to become a nurse midwife?

A Certified Nurse-Midwife ("CNM") is an Advanced Practice Nurse. In most states a master's degree in nursing is required.

❓ What degree would you need to be a dentist?

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Required EducationBachelor's degree prior to admission to dental school; doctoral degree in dental medicine or dental surgery; some dental specializations require completion of a residency
LicensingRequired for dentists in all states
Projected Job Growth (2018-2028)7%*
Median Salary (2019)$155,600*

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Yes, You have to go to college and get one of the following: LVN (Liscensed Vocational Nurse) ADN (Associates Degree in Nursing) BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)

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What would an lpn home health nurse?

This includes elderly adults with long-term illness or disability, and also persons who are recuperating from major surgery. The duties of home health nurses range from taking vital signs (blood pressure, pulse and temperature) to assessing health progress and needs. Home health care nurses change dressings on wounds, and observe how well patients can perform certain tasks that may be hampered by a condition or by having surgery. Generally, a home health nurse is a registered nurse or R.N.

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Would a nurse be necessary for science?

Science is the pursuit of knowledge. Areas such as health and biology would come under that, as would other areas of science. Nurses play their part in those things, so they can make contributions to science and also use a lot of science in their work. Many nurses may have studied specific areas of health and done some research work in it, which would help in science.

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What skills do nurse practitioners need?

  • Strong communication skills…
  • Great leadership skills…
  • Analytical skills…
  • Exhibit patience under stress…
  • Core competencies.

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Why do we need nurse practitioners?

Nurse practitioners are nurses with advanced clinical training. They need fewer years of training than physicians making them a more immediate support to a stretched primary care workforce… Greater NP autonomy increases consumer access to primary care while freeing up physicians to manage more complex patient cases.

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Does a person need certified nurse training to become a nurse?

Yes you need to be certified before you can become a nurse. Even if you want to become a nurse assistant, you need to go get certified before it is legal to practice.

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What degree program would dentist be?

Biochemistry is a very popular undergraduate degree and area of study for students who would like to pursue a career in dentistry. Some of the top courses that are taken during a biochemistry degree include biology, calculus, physics, and chemistry.

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How would a nurse benefit from job shadowing?

Job shadowing is an excellent way for nursing students to explore their future career and to see how the skills they are learning relate to work. It is also a great way for a mentor to bond with his/her mentee and show what the role of a CNL is really like.

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How would you become a emergency department nurse?

To be an emergency department nurse, you need at least an RN degree, and then apply to ER hospitals until you get a job.

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How would you become a nurse practitioner uk?

To become a nurse practitioner in the UK one would have to complete high school and college.

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What career cluster would neonatal nurse be under?


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What would a home health nurse teach clients?

Patient education in home health care continues to hold many challenges for the professional nurse. With the changing climate of the health care delivery system, an increasing number of clients are returning to their home "quicker but sicker." The demand on the nurse to provide more in-depth patient education in the client's home will increase.

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What would ban someone from being a nurse?

something like puposley killing someone, by giving them an overdoes in drugs and somebody finds out about it and reports to the head chief of the hospital or where every your working, that can ban you from pratice nurse anywhere in the coutry

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Why would a nurse use a tuning fork?

A vibrating tuning fork—touched to a patient's extremities while her eyes are closed (usually a distal joint, said Hundt, like the fingers or toes)—can help a nurse determine whether a patient has neuropathy or a spinal injury.

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What degree do dentist need?

Medical degree,

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How much does a degree nurse earn in kenya?

A person working in Nursing in Kenya typically earns around 142,000 KES per month. Salaries range from 91,100 KES (lowest average) to 273,000 KES (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

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What qualifications to be a mental health nurse degree?

Academic entry requirements for mental health nursing degrees are set by individual universities . Typically you will usually need a minimum of five GCSEs at grade 4/C or above (typically English language or literature and a science subject), plus at least two (and ideally three) A-levels or equivalent level 3 qualifications for an undergraduate degree.

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How much experience does a nurse need?

In order to be a nurse, a person will need about four years of experience. Most of this experience comes from college/nursing school. Whereas, some of it also comes from hands on experience.

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What does a home health nurse need?

What does a home health nurse do? Home health nurses visit patients in their own homes to deliver medical care when a patient (or their family) is unable to care for themselves. You may think of home health nurses as mainly helping elderly adults who are struggling with dementia or ailments that limit their mobility, but the illnesses home health nurses treat go beyond that.

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What job need public health nurse license?

On top of having an RN license, most employers will want public health nurse candidates to be certified as a public health nurse. Step 2: Required Public Health …

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What qualifications do a nursery nurse need?

To Be A Nursery nurse you dont need any qualifications! coz its a crapp jobb

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What training need for public health nurse?

While you can become a nurse through either an ADN or BSN program, you'll need a bachelor's degree in order to earn your public health certification. To get into a nursing program, you need to complete the required prerequisite health science courses such as anatomy and physiology, biology, nutrition, biomedical statistics, and chemistry. Requirements can vary by school; however, some have a GPA requirement of 3.0 or higher for consideration.

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What you need for mental health nurse?

Thinking on your feet and staying calm are also useful traits of a mental health nurse. You’ll also use a number of other skills on a daily basis, including. problem solving; good judgement; offering advice; observational; interpersonal communication; psychosocial. Values and behaviours. You'll also need to have the right values and behaviours to become a nurse.

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Why do we need advanced nurse practitioners?

The role of Advanced Nurse Practitioner is invaluable. It provides opportunity for patients to receive timely care and negate unnecessarily delay in receiving treatment, especially with the growing shortage of GPs in primary care.

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Why does a nurse need scientific knowledge?

A nurse needs scientific knowledge because she\he is working with science. Medicine and healthcare use science to figure out how to treat a cancer or how to make new medicines. A nurse works with medicine and healthcare so she needs to know at least a little science.

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