Your best driver failed a dot drug test, now what?



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A verified positive DOT drug or alcohol test is a direct violation of the federal drug and alcohol testing regulations. Employers who are required to comply with DOT regulations must provide an individual who has tested positive for drugs or alcohol on a pre-employment (including an applicant or new employee), random, reasonable suspicion or post-accident test with information about qualified Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs).

Your Best Driver Failed a DOT Drug Test, Now What? Published on January 25, 2017 January 25, 2017 • 3 Likes • 0 Comments

A failed DOT drug test results in immediate removal from performing safety-sensitive functions, including driving a CMV. In serious cases, you may be suspended or dismissed, or lose your CDL license. It may also eliminate you as a new-hire candidate. Refusing a DOT drug test is similar to failing.

If you fail or refuse a DOT drug or alcohol test, you will be taken out of safety-sensitive duties until you complete the return-to-duty process. The return-to-duty process will require you to: Be evaluated by a DOT-certified substance abuse professional (SAP). Complete the recommended course of treatment or education, at your own cost.

If I Have a Failed DOT Drug Test Where Do I Find Help? The appropriate person to seek assistance from is a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). SAPs are clinicians whose job is to evaluate employees who have failed a DOT drug or alcohol test. They also recommend the appropriate treatment and/or education that employees who have violated a DOT alcohol or drug program regulation should complete in order to get back to their safety-sensitive tasks.

Otherwise, if the MRO cannot accept your submitted documentation, the test is ruled as positive and is a failed drug test. How this impacts your employment status can vary based on company policies. Although, if there is any safety concern while the investigation is ongoing, you may be removed from safety-sensitive duties while a final ruling is being determined.

The long and short of it is with a failed drug test now on your record,even if you do make it through school, most companies will not touch you for at least a year. Not sure what they busted you for but if you have ever seen then do the final wrap up after the test they pour the contents of the cup into TWO separate plastic vials.

In February 2019, a federal judge rebuked a Walmart store in Arizona for firing an employee in possession of an MMJ card after she failed a drug test. According to Arizona United States District Judge, James A. Teilborg, Walmart wasn’t justified in firing the employee because it was unable to prove that she was impaired at work.

Your rights if you failed a drug test while on prescription drugs depend on your state’s drug testing laws and the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). But the bottom line is that you will likely be protected from discipline or termination based on a positive drug test.

Jobs for Truck Drivers Who Failed a Drug Screen. Although procedures vary based on location and employer, the U.S. Department of Transportation doesn’t require truckers who fail a drug screen to be terminated. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandates drivers who fail a drug test to complete evaluations ...

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Your blind to the world around you obviously. But regardless I failed a drug test with the union like these guys are saying. Some jobs just drug test you like hospitals. I work non union make a bit less but im in my 3rd year of school. When I become a journey man I wanna go union but yah I know I have to stop smoking.

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Yes they do when you are first hired in and then also if u wreck or get injured they do an immediate drug testing on employee. Yes and they do post accident screens. Yes. Urine test. Help job seekers learn about the company by being objective and to the point. Your answer will be posted publicly.

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1923.3 Instant (Swab) Tests and Court Hearings CPS June 2010 An instant test is a swabbing of a client's oral fluids. The test is performed by a caseworker to test for recent drug use.

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